What is Data?

To start off with Excel, one needs to understand this term first. Data is Raw Information. The best example would be, just imagine someone giving you a kilo of uncooked beef, what would you do?There is just one thing you could do and that would be to cook it first and then sit down to enjoy. Meaning, DATA in its original form is just like the uncooked beef. No real understanding can be obtained from it.

Why so much focus is put on DATA these days?

With the advancement of Technology, every day to day interactions started producing DATA, which when used properly can be the deciding game changer for the Business. Soon companies that understood this started to grow and flourish by heaps and bounds, while those who did not, began to realize their folly and soon started making changes and recifications to their order of operations.

Do you know Excel can perform Digital Art

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EXCEL Advantage

Why must you Learn EXCEL

To most people EXCEL is merely about making Tables, but the Truth is far from this assumed predisposition.
For Excel can Organize, Analyze, Forecast and provide Inferences on any given Data set.
Excel has built in functions that can handle any Mathematical operation.
Do you know that 90% of jobs require some sort of Data Analysis skillsets and that 90% of the applicants
don't actually possess any Data Analysis capabilities whilst applying for these jobs. Meaning, Jobs are plentiful but qualified personnel are few.

High starting Pay Package

70 %

Employees with Advanced Excel skillsets
often start at the higher end of the pay scale ladder.This is for the simple fact that
Organizations attach greater importance to facts with figures than to facts alone.

Faster Route to CEO


When an Employee is good at Excel, Organizations are quick to notice the trait.
More so, with some interpersonal skillsets the individual will soon be leading a team
or even a corporation. This is how powerful Excel is, all for the simple fact that Organizations merely understand skyscrappers and pies